A Back-Up Plan Is Your Best Friend

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A Back-Up Plan Is Your Best Friend

We all set out with the best of intentions. We decide where we want to go. We decide how we want to get there. We set off on the journey.

…Yet, everyone is human. We all can make mistakes, despite the best laid plans. When you plan the path you want to take in life, you are, essentially, planning a journey through a country you’ve never seen in order to get to place you’ve never been.

It’s no wonder that unexpected things happen along the way. We simply cannot see all the angles, all the potential pitfalls, from the vantage point of here we start. There is no blame in this. It simply is the way things are.

To a large extent, this element of the unknown is why stuff happens in life. When you can’t anticipate every eventuality, stuff is bound to happen. It’s a natural result of the future being uncertain, not of poor or personal inadequacy. The best way to deal with the setbacks that happen as a result of this uncertainty is to embrace the ambiguity that all future plans contain. Realize that your original plan is fraught with peril and will, in all likelihood, fail miserably. It’s okay to expect to fail. It’s even better when you plan to fail.

You might be saying to yourself right now “plan to fail”? Why would you ever plan to go down in flames? Well, it’s not that you specifically plan to lose. It’s that you have a contingency plan in place when you know that the chances of losing are high. None of us can predict the future. It’s this inability to prognosticate that dictates we all need to have a “Plan B”.

When you have a back-­up plan in life, you have an almost instantaneous way around any obstacle the future may put in your way. Also, when you expect a setback, you are better able to recover and move forward when the expected catastrophe occurs. The worst possible scenario is to be hit with a setback because you never considered the possibility that one could occur. In such a case, you’re without a back-­‐up plan just when you need one most. These are the types of setbacks that stop people cold in their tracks, some never to move forward again. This is not to say that when you expect to fail, you see all the possibilities ahead of time. It only means that when you anticipate failure as a part of your original plan, you are better able to deal with it when it does happen.


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