7 Year Old Fixing the World

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7 Year Old Fixing the World

A scientist was very busy working away,
but his 7 year old son kept bugging him trying
to get his attention.

The scientist kept asking his son to go play somewhere
else, and when he saw that wasn’t working, he looked
for something that could keep the boy occupied.

He found an old magazine with a page that had a picture
of earth on it, ripped it up to little pieces and said to his son:

“Here, you love puzzles. Take this broken world and see
if you can fix it by yourself.”

He was sure that would keep the boy busy for at least 2 hours.

15 minutes later the boy came back.
“I’m done dad, done fixing the world!”

The scientist couldn’t believe it. How could he have finished so fast?
He was sure the kid was joking and just made a big mess.

So he put down his work and went to see what the boy did.
To his surprise, the picture was perfectly taped back together,
and every piece was at the right place.

“How did you do that?” He asked his son
“You didn’t even know what the world looked like!”

“Dad” Said the boy “I really didn’t know what the
world looked like. But when you ripped the page out
of the magazine, I saw that there was a picture of a
man on the other side.

At first I tried to fix the world but it didn’t work.
so I turned the pieces over, and I began to
fix the man. When I managed to fix the man,
I turned the page over and I saw that the
world was fixed as well.. .


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