7 things you can do right now to feel better

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7 things you can do right now to feel better

I wanted to bring you a short list of easy things to
do that would make you feel better right away,
so that you’ll have a great weekend!

Staying high in our vibration is the MOST important
thing for our well being and our ability to manifest.

Here they are:

1. Take a nap – when we nap, we restart our vibration.
2. Take a shower – water has powerful healing properties.
3. Watch a funny show that you love. I love Big Bang theory –
it cracks me up!
4. Look at flowers or pictures of flowers. Looking at my
 orchids give me so much joy.. in fact just thinking about
them does the trick too!
5. Step outside and look at the sky, at the clouds.
Tell Source you know it’s there for you.
6.  for 15 minutes.
7. Watch lolcats or funny cat videos on YouTube.
Silly, but it works!

Tools for meditation

Click on the image to get tools for meditation

I want you to notice two things here:

1. Don’t you feel better just READING this list,
before you even did any of them?
2. None of them require the participation of other people!
which makes you entirely self sufficient in your joy!

Any other ideas for self sufficient ways to raise
our vibration? Please add your comments below:

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  1. It’s really good article to self inspiration and to raise the vibration .

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